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£85 million gift from the Dolby family will transform science at Cambridge
Architect's impression of the Ray Dolby Centre
The University has received an £85 million gift from the estate of Ray Dolby, founder of Dolby Laboratories and its world-renowned Dolby Noise Reduction, Dolby Surround and successor audio signal processing technologies. The Dolby family gift is the largest philanthropic donation ever made to UK science and will support the Cavendish Laboratory, the world-leading centre for physics research where Ray Dolby received his PhD in 1961.

"The Ray Dolby Centre will complete the development of the new Cavendish Laboratory. In addition to serving as a home for physics research at Cambridge, it will be a top-class facility for the nation," said Professor Andy Parker, Head of the Cavendish Laboratory.
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CUWBC rowers on the tideway - credit Alastair Fyfe for the University of Cambridge
Prehistoric women’s manual work tougher than rowing in today’s elite boat crews
The first study to compare ancient and living female bones shows that women from early agricultural eras had stronger arms than the rowers of Cambridge’s famously competitive boat club. Members of the CUWBC crew pictured above were among those analysed in the study.
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Parent and child in research setting
Eye contact with your baby helps synchronise brainwaves
Making eye contact with an infant makes adults’ and babies’ brainwaves ‘get in sync’ with each other – which is likely to support communication and learning – according to researchers at the Baby-LINC Lab in the Department of Psychology.
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Detail from ‘A Treatise on Diamonds and Precious Stones’, 1813, John Mawe (1764-1829)
Going underground: exhibition digs into the history of geology
A box full of diamonds, volcanic rock from Mount Vesuvius and the geology guide that Darwin packed for his epic voyage on the Beagle are amongst the fascinating items now on display at the University Library as part of its first major exhibition to celebrate geological map-making.
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Grasshopper of Acrididae family: Anacridium aegyptium credit Alvesgaspar via CC
How to cut your lawn for grasshoppers
Picture a grasshopper landing randomly on a lawn of fixed area. If it then jumps a certain distance in a random direction, what shape should the lawn be to maximise the chance that the grasshopper stays on the lawn after jumping? And what does the solution to this question have to do with quantum theory?
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