This year, over 170 American students and staff, along with their friends and families, gathered at the University Centre to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Thank you to those who supported the Formal Hall event and to the many people who have been in touch with us since thanking us for the arrangements.

A group of twenty-two Cambridge University alumni and their friends will be touring Ancient Macedonia in northern Greece in 2014, this tour is organised by Cambridge Societies' Tour.

Held on Saturday 19 October at the Charles Cotton Hotel in Hartington.

The Michaelmas 2013 issue of CEB Focus is now available to read online.

The Alumni Festival is three days of discovery and intellectual adventure in which to hear Cambridge's leading academics, to be inspired by transformational ideas and to reconnect with the magic of this remarkable place.

The University Library is delighted to announce increased alumni access to academic research. In addition to the longstanding right of MAs to borrow books from the Library, alumni will now be able to access a huge range of academic work online and free of charge.

A centrepiece building for exploratory ‘blue skies’ research and industrial partnerships in the physical sciences will be created at the University of Cambridge to investigate new approaches to fundamental science and to solving global challenges, such as natural resource demand.

Following the successful completion of the 800th Anniversary Campaign in 2011, the University Development Office has launched a new report for donors to Collegiate Cambridge.

A senior higher education development executive with considerable experience in major campaigns has been appointed by the University of Cambridge to lead its development and alumni relations programmes.


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