CAM 78

Join us as we discover why Cambridge is the new centre of the universe, how an audience can shape musical performance and just what is hidden in the University Library’s tower…

In 1954 four undergraduates decided to take the guitar and singing thing a bit further. The result became the stuff of legends.

The first of our alumni series - Jessica Labhart (Homerton 2008) talks about her time at Cambridge, the lifelong friends she made and her journey to becoming a journalist. “I’m the first person in my family to go to university. I was the nerdy kid at school, the only one in its history to make it to Cambridge.”

Volunteers’ Week is an annual celebration of the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK – and it’s taking place from the 1-12 June 2016. We're celebrating the many ways in

World Reputation Rankings by Times Higher Education rank Cambridge fourth in the world.

Dr Philip Howell explains how the humble dog became man’s best friend.

Before WhatsApp, before Facebook, before email even, the way generations of Cambridge students sent news home was via letter.

CAM 77

When is it acceptable to sleep in public? What have we lost with the forgotten art of the ‘letter home’? And how did four undergraduates kick-start a musical revolution? CAM investigates.

Demis Hassabis (Queens’ 1994) is the CEO and founder of Google DeepMind, whose AlphaGo AI program has beaten the world’s leading player of the ancient Chinese game Go.

Former Oxfam CEO, Dame Barbara Stocking, talks Dome Life with current student, Bethany Evans. Watch the sneak preview here. 


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