CAM 79

In the Michaelmas issue of CAM we examine the space of possible minds, meet the man responsible for transforming the treatment of childhood brain cancer and tell the story of how Heffers became Cambridge’s best loved bookshop.

Discover the secrets of the past, hidden within the pages, of books from bygone years. 

Jon Beard, Director of Undergraduate Recruitment, challenges the myths and misconceptions surrounding Cambridge admissions. 

Peter Bazalgette (Fitzwilliam 1973) and second-year geographer Joseph Cant talk staircase politics and the merits of green tea.

Forget London. Bangalore, Beijing, San Francisco are nowhere. Meet Cambridge – officially the new centre of the universe.

Gates Scholar, Aya Waller-Bey shares her ‘reality checkpoint’.

Can’t fit the longlist into your suitcase? You’ll be needing our handy guide to beach reading, Cambridge style.

CAM 78

Join us as we discover why Cambridge is the new centre of the universe, how an audience can shape musical performance and just what is hidden in the University Library’s tower…

In 1954 four undergraduates decided to take the guitar and singing thing a bit further. The result became the stuff of legends.

Dr Philip Howell explains how the humble dog became man’s best friend.


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