In 1954 four undergraduates decided to take the guitar and singing thing a bit further. The result became the stuff of legends.

Dr Philip Howell explains how the humble dog became man’s best friend.

Before WhatsApp, before Facebook, before email even, the way generations of Cambridge students sent news home was via letter.

CAM 77

When is it acceptable to sleep in public? What have we lost with the forgotten art of the ‘letter home’? And how did four undergraduates kick-start a musical revolution? CAM investigates.

Former Oxfam CEO, Dame Barbara Stocking, talks Dome Life with current student, Bethany Evans. Watch the sneak preview here. 

It is hard to say when Mum was first affected by dementia. She had trouble remembering some people’s names. She was less confident going out and about and making decisions. She argued more with me and Dad.

When Professor Melinda Duer rescued Rio the horse, her research into the structure of bones became personal. Words by Lucy Jolin.

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Fitzwilliam, Dr Mary Laven, Museum Syndic, examines the role domestic and devotional objects play in Renaissance life and why the very thingness of things gives them power.

Historian, critic and broadcaster Christopher Frayling meets the current occupant of his old room at Churchill - watch the video ahead of your copy of CAM 76 arriving in the post from next week.

Sherlock Holmes was a Cambridge man. Apparently, he read Natural Sciences. The stories that record his adventures don’t state this directly, but readers have made their own deductions.


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