The long - and sometimes dramatic - history of the Cambridge Union Society.

CAM 75 cover

Celebrate 200 years of the Union, explore what prompts a society to change its mind on big issues and ponder what drives our economic behaviour with Dr Benedetto de Martino in the latest edition of CAM.

Halting the decay of artefacts takes a combination of art, expertise and a big dose of chemistry.

Aristotle conceived it, Galileo ran away from it. Does infinity exist?

For a decade, Dr Robert Macfarlane has been compiling a dictionary of terms for nature and landscape in Britain.

This year, the Women's Boat Race will at last take place on the same course as the men's contest and with equal funding. It's the culmination of a long battle for equality, writes William Ham Bevan

Cover of CAM, issue 74

Meet the University’s experts preserving history in the form of archaeological artefacts, take a whistle-stop tour of infinity and catch up with University news in the latest edition of CAM.

For Mike Gibson, Room Q4A was a retreat: a secluded,tranquil space filled with natural light.

Remember (almost) poisoning your whole staircase? The fights about fridges and the attempt to recreate your mother's chicken casserole with one pan and half a carrot? You are not alone.

Rough grass, mud, rock, scree: fell running is an unforgiving pursuit. Richard Askwith explores its mysterious and enduring appeal.


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