CAM 80 Cover

In the Lent issue of CAM, we discover what Indian democracy can teach a world in flux, reveal how Malthus is being reinvented for our times, and investigate the truth behind why humans are so susceptible to conspiracy theories.

Katharine Whitehorn and third-year social scientist Lydia Woodward discuss innocence, experience and the 'Newnhamite' spirit.

Dr Sebastian talks thinking outside the framework, the excitement of unknowns and bringing her whole self to science.

Prince Philip Scholar, Jordan Wong shares his ‘reality checkpoint’.

As Heffers bookshop celebrates its 140th anniversary, CAM tells the story of its evolution from humble stationer to University institution.

CAM 79

In the Michaelmas issue of CAM we examine the space of possible minds, meet the man responsible for transforming the treatment of childhood brain cancer and tell the story of how Heffers became Cambridge’s best loved bookshop.

Discover the secrets of the past, hidden within the pages, of books from bygone years. 

Jon Beard, Director of Undergraduate Recruitment, challenges the myths and misconceptions surrounding Cambridge admissions. 

Peter Bazalgette (Fitzwilliam 1973) and second-year geographer Joseph Cant talk staircase politics and the merits of green tea.

Forget London. Bangalore, Beijing, San Francisco are nowhere. Meet Cambridge – officially the new centre of the universe.


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