CAM browses the bookshelves of Professor Anna Vignoles, Professor of Education, Director of Research at the Faculty of Education and Fellow of Jesus College.

Whether your problem be moral, social, ethical or – frankly – hypothetical, the novel cure never fails.

CAM 81

In the Easter issue of CAM, we speak to four leading Cantabrigians who have turned any notion of a quiet retirement on its head, are introduced to the concept of bibliotherapy by alumnae Susan Elderkin and Ella Berthoud, and explore the art of the fixed term with Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz. 

CAM browses the bookshelves of Professor David Rowitch, Head of the Department of Paediatrics.

Professor Derek Smith explains how his research team are working to beat the flu virus at its own game by predicting its evolution.

Every year, second and third years volunteer to play mum and dad to unsuspecting freshers. This is the story of Jess Lister and Seb Shuttleworth’s Emmanuel family.

Dr Rosalind Polly Blakesley, Head of the Department of History of Art, Reader in Russian and European Art and Fellow at Pembroke, describes her Michaelmas term.

John Fulljames (Christ’s 1993) Associate Director of Opera for The Royal Opera, talks about the transformative experience of theatre, music-making with friends and the challenges of conducting.

The Cambridge University Association Football Club (CUAFC) may be the oldest football club in the world but it is still going strong in 2017.

*Not really. But in a world of alternative facts CAM explore the truths and almost truths behind why humans are so susceptible to conspiracy theories.


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