Book in pool
New books, old books and little-known books: CAM presents the definitive summer reading list.
CAM 84

In the Easter issue of CAM we explore the benefits of boredom, uncover the origins of Student Guides and reveal the definitive summer reading list.

Dr Holly Krieger, Corfield Lecturer in Pure Mathematics and Fellow of Murray Edwards, describes her Lent term.

Alexander Armstrong shares the songs which shaped his time at Cambridge.

Dr Spike Bucklow, Reader in Material Culture at the Hamilton Kerr Institute, shares his top reads.

The Cambridge University Underwater Exploration Group positively enjoy being thrown in at the deep end.

Photo by James Graham on Unsplash
CAM speaks to the Cambridge researchers pioneering treatments for heart and lung diseases.

Professor Dame Ann Dowling (Girton 1970) and third-year mathematician Andrew Pritchard discuss space-time, infinity and corridors.

Professor David Runciman
Professor David Runciman surveys today's political landscape.
Cambridge Student Community Action volunteers
The ‘Cambridge bubble’ is a comfortable place. But stepping outside the bubble can be hugely rewarding, Cambridge Student Community Action’s (SCA) volunteers explain.


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