Street view images of Cambridge houses showing building features contributing to HtD identification

AI trained to identify least green homes by Cambridge researchers

First of its kind AI-model can help policymakers efficiently identify and prioritize houses for retrofitting and other decarbonizing measures.
Dr Paul Calleja, Director of Dawn AI Service (left) and Professor Richard McMahon, Chair of Cambridge Research Computing Advisory Group and UKRI Dawn Principal Investigator (right) in front of Dawn.

Cambridge, Intel and Dell join forces on UK’s fastest AI supercomputer

The Cambridge Open Zettascale Lab is hosting Dawn, the UK’s fastest artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputer, which has been built by the University of Cambridge Research Computing Services, Intel and Dell Technologies.
The feet of a man suffering from gout.

Cancer drug could hold hope for treating inflammatory diseases including gout and heart diseases

A cancer drug currently in the final stages of clinical trials could offer hope for the treatment of a wide range of inflammatory diseases, including gout, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, and atrial fibrillation, say scientists at the University of Cambridge.
Tropical forest in Tanzania

Offset markets: new approach could help save tropical forests by restoring faith in carbon credits

A new way to price carbon credits could encourage desperately needed investment in forest preservation and boost vital progress towards net-zero.
Retrieval of a stainless steel part made by 3D printing

Using lasers to ‘heat and beat’ 3D-printed steel could help reduce costs

Researchers have developed a new method for 3D printing metal that could help reduce costs and make more efficient use of resources.
Person providing a drop of blood for a medical test

Simple blood test can help diagnose bipolar disorder

Researchers have developed a new way of improving diagnosis of bipolar disorder that uses a simple blood test to identify biomarkers associated with the condition.
A group of student footballers wearing University of Cambridge kit

University of Cambridge and Cambridge United announce strategic partnership

The University of Cambridge and Cambridge United Football Club have agreed a new partnership with the shared ambition of working together to help the wider city and the community, supporters, and current and prospective students.
Bumblebee foraging for nectar.

Getting maximum calories in shortest time is the priority for bumblebees

Research has found that bumblebees make foraging choices to collect the most sugar from flowers in the shortest time – even if that means using more energy in the process – to provide an immediate energy boost for the colony.
Aerial shot of parked trucks, Scunthorpe, United Kingdom

It’s high time for alliances to ensure supply chain security, researchers urge

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the interconnected nature of global supply chains, and showed how a disruption in one part of the world can have global effects. In 2021, supply disruptions were cost the global economy an estimated $1.9 trillion.
Young girl in Nepal

Sustained, purposeful investment key to ‘leaving no girl behind’, either in education or beyond

A UK-funded programme to support out-of-school girls in low-income countries has significantly enhanced their learning, confidence, opportunities and prospects, a new report says. However, sustained, strategic and targeted investment will be needed to preserve these gains.


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