Four Australian Aboriginal spears – cared for by Cambridge’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology – are to be repatriated after Trinity College agreed to permanently return them to the country.
A range of events are taking place across the University and Colleges to mark International Women’s Day 2023, on Wednesday 8 March.
Scanning electron microscopy of highly crystalline metal-organic framework nanoparticles
Vector Bioscience has received a £2.2 million investment to help it take forward its drug delivery platform designed to make RNA cancer therapies more effective.
Feet walking on gravel
One in ten early deaths could be prevented if everyone managed at least half the recommended level of physical activity, say a team led by researchers at the University of Cambridge.
Person using a smartphone
Researchers from the University of Cambridge have analysed more than 800,000 tweets and found that negative emotions expressed about geoengineering – the idea that the climate can be altered using technology – can easily fall into conspiracy.

Exclusive to Curating Cambridge, a new Quentin Blake range celebrating the University Museum of Zoology.

Team members from Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge, RAF and TUDCI  Photos show: Front row from left to right: Dr Isabelle Steinke (TUDCI), Dr Shaun Fitzgerald (CCRC), Sir David King (CCRC), Professo
The Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge and Refreeze the Arctic Foundation (RAF) signed a multi-year agreement to fund research methods for brightening clouds to combat climate change.
Three years into a five-year pledge to completely phase out lead shot in UK game hunting, a Cambridge study finds that 94% of pheasants on sale for human consumption were killed using lead.
Damselfish have been discovered to disrupt ‘cleaning services’ vital to the health of reefs. And climate change may mean this is only likely to get worse.
COVID-19 variants
Plan will accelerate a new approach to coronavirus vaccines research and development, to protect against COVID-19 variants and future pandemic threats from new coronaviruses


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