Remember (almost) poisoning your whole staircase? The fights about fridges and the attempt to recreate your mother's chicken casserole with one pan and half a carrot? You are not alone.

Did you know that we have an Alumni Advisory Board? Founded in 2009, the board represents the interest of alumni and advises us on how we can ensure graduates continue to feel part of Cambridge.

On Friday 11 July 2014 Alumni Advisory Board members spent a full day discussing how their expertise and advice could best support Collegiate Cambridge, and how alumni can get involved in providing support to the university community.

The humble bike is a miracle of engineering. But just how did we get from the Penny Farthing to Kevlar tyres?

Exam nightmares haunt many of us for years after finals. William Ham Bevan explores why these dreams linger, what they say about us and what we can do to stop them.

University research into Multiple Sclerosis has received a £100,000 boost from two Masonic charities.

The Scott Polar Research Institute has until 25 March to raise the necessary funds to purchase Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s rediscovered photographic negatives for its Polar Museum, which would ensure that the negatives remain available to all in perpetuity, for research and exhibition.

Work is under way to give Cambridge its first ever world-class squash courts for use by both the University's squash players and the wider public, whatever their level of play.

A centrepiece building for exploratory ‘blue skies’ research and industrial partnerships in the physical sciences will be created at the University of Cambridge to investigate new approaches to fundamental science and to solving global challenges, such as natural resource demand.

Following the successful completion of the 800th Anniversary Campaign in 2011, the University Development Office has launched a new report for donors to Collegiate Cambridge.


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