At this distressing time, our community’s thoughts remain with the families and friends of the students who have died. The safety of our students is of fundamental importance to the University and the Colleges.

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Black woman holding newborn baby in hospital bed
Women who experience racial discrimination on the basis of their ethnicity, race or nationality are at increased risk of giving birth prematurely, according to a team led by researchers at the University of Cambridge.
Black man looking out window
Men with early, curable stages of prostate cancer are missing opportunities to have their cancer detected because national guidelines and media health campaigns focus on urinary symptoms despite a lack of scientific evidence, say experts at the University of Cambridge.
Toddler's hands touching tree bark
A major study of children with intellectual disabilities has highlighted the additional challenges that they often face, including a much-increased likelihood of being diagnosed as autistic, as well as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other mental health difficulties.
Long exposure light painting
Researchers have designed smart, colour-controllable white light devices from quantum dots – tiny semiconductors just a few billionths of a metre in size – which are more efficient and have better colour saturation than standard LEDs, and can dynamically reproduce daylight conditions in a single light.
Geometric abstract background with connected line and dots
Researchers have designed a machine learning method that can predict the structure of new materials with five times the efficiency of the current standard, removing a key roadblock in developing advanced materials for applications such as energy storage and photovoltaics.
Study lake in Norway
A study of 29 European lakes has found that some naturally-occurring lake bacteria grow faster and more efficiently on the remains of plastic bags than on natural matter like leaves and twigs.
Jays at Madingley
We are delighted to announce that due to a number of generous donations from both members of the public and the scientific community, together with support from the University of Cambridge, we are able to keep the corvid aviaries at Madingley open for a further five years.
Close-up of the British Academy sign
Five academics from the University of Cambridge have been made Fellows of the prestigious British Academy for the humanities and social sciences.


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