Early warning signs of Huntington’s disease have been uncovered in a sheep carrying the human disease-causing genetic variant, providing new insights into this devastating illness, a new study in Scientific Reports has found.
Research into improving energy storage, reducing power consumption and developing new energy-efficient devices received a boost with the announcement of £10m funding for new equipment at the University of Cambridge.

Celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday the 26 March 2017 with a delicious 3 course lunch at the Riverside Restaurant

Alumni had the opportunity to enjoy an evening with the Minister of the Interior of Belgium in Flanders.

International Monetary Fund policies can have a real impact on people – and don’t always yield positive results. Writing for The Conversation, Thomas Stubbs (University of Cambridge) and Alexander E. Kentikelenis, (University of Oxford) explore the impact its policies have made on health in West Africa.

The Cambridge Society of Australia (Victoria) welcomed guest speaker Chris Davey at their February Lunch.

An international team of astronomers has found a system of seven potentially habitable planets orbiting a star 39 light years away three of which could have water on their surfaces raising the possibility they could host life. Using ground and space telescopes, the team identified the planets as they passed in front of the ultracool dwarf star known as TRAPPIST-1. The star is around eight per cent of the mass of the Sun and is no bigger than Jupiter.
Urgent requirement for channels of timely and reliable information to be developed targeting UK-born people living on the continent, say researchers – before life-changing decisions get made rashly in a milieu of rumour and speculation.
Today, as part of UK-India Year of Culture 2017, the University of Cambridge launches a year-long celebration of its ties with India, which stretch back 150 years.
Do you have to choose between an academic career and activism? Gates Cambridge Scholar Carol Ibe is one of an increasing number of students are choosing to keep a foot in both camps.


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