Masters Rowing 2019

Masters Rowing 2019

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Moroccan rowers beat Oxford & Cambridge crews in men’s and women’s rowing races in Bouregreg River!

Rabat the capital of the lights of the Kingdom of Morocco has held the second successful edition of Masters Rowing: 27 & 28 April 2019 in Marina Bouregreg, supported by the British Embassy in Rabat in person of his Excellency Thomas Reilly, and co-organized with the Moroccan Royal Rowing Federation and Bouregreg Marina.

Call back Master Rowing 2018:  Oxford cruise to his first victory – as it happened!

This year, Masters Rowing differentiate itself from the last one by that the two prestigious universities Oxford & Cambridge have sent rowing team to Rabat to take on the Moroccan national team on the wonderful Bouregreg River!

Proudly, the Bouregreg River becomes the second river in the world after the Thames in London; the Thames is the historic river that embraces annually the rowing race of the eternal rivals of Oxford and Cambridge.

Every year since 1829, the two prestigious universities of the UK compete in a rowing race on the Thames in London, between Putney Bridge and Chiswick Bridge (in the west of the capital) with around 250,000 eager spectators who crowd on the banks. Each team is made up of students from one of the two universities.

What an odd coincidence! For the second year in succession Cambridge triumphed over their Oxford rivals in both the men's and women's editions of the Boat Race, while the Moroccan rower Oussama Fakir scores a double first vs Oxford in singles rowing race for the second year running of Masters Rowing. However, Cambridge crews have claimed victory over Morocco in the women's rowing race...and the Moroccan crew came back on victory over Oxford in the men's rowing race!

Maybe future time may record Moroccan rowers as Oxford & Cambridge's hard rivals...and Bouregreg Masters Rowing becomes an international famous rowing race over the world...!

Thanks and gratitude to all the expert rowers from Oxford, Cambridge and Morocco for having made the race as fantastic and exciting as ever!