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CAM 87

CAM 87

In the Easter term issue of CAM, we meet the friends and collaborators of comic genius Douglas Adams, discover the little-known world of single-celled organisms and investigate why playing for adults is on the rise.

Highlights include:

A hitchhiker’s guide: Douglas Adams’s (St John’s 1971) comic genius was incubated in Cambridge.

Complexity, beauty, mystery: Dr Ross Waller says that we know very little about single-celled organisms.

Down the rabbit hole: Whether it’s a response to the digital world or a new kind of performance, playing – for adults – is back.

Why tax is good for you: Tax policy might not be sexy but it is at the heart of determining the character of a society. CAM investigates.

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6 September 2019
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20 September 2019

Winner: Robert Race (Trinity Hall 1962)

Runners-up: Robert Eastwood (Trinity 1967), Mike Ewart (Jesus 1971)

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