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CAM 84

CAM 84


In the Easter issue of CAM we explore the benefits of boredom, uncover the origins of Student Guides and reveal the definitive summer reading list.

Highlights include:

Summer reading: new books, old books and little-known books: our definitive list for 2018.

Always on my mind: Professor Giovanna Mallucci explains what her ground-breaking research means for Alzheimer’s patients.

On boredom: before the internet, boredom was feared. Today, experts are beginning to ask whether it might be good for us.

Cabin fever: forget IKEA flatpack furniture. When you’re the Ottoman Emperor, the height of chic is a flatpack Scandi house.

A student’s guide: the first student guide was written in 1863 – a tradition that continues to this day.

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MEKEEKROE LEOO by Schadenfreude

Solve online

Entries to be received by: 
7 September 2018
Solutions and winners posted here: 
21 September 2018

Winner: Annie Parsons (Robinson 2003)

Runners up: Richard Cawkwell (Jesus College 1970), David Pritchard (King's College 1995)

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