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CAM 79

CAM 79


In the Michaelmas issue of CAM we examine the space of possible minds, meet the man responsible for transforming the treatment of childhood brain cancer and tell the story of how Heffers became Cambridge’s best loved bookshop.

Highlights include:

  • The space of possible minds: Humans. Chimps. Crows. Robots. This is the space of possible minds.
  • A Heffers History: Heffers is 140 years old. We examine its role at the heart of Cambridge
  • What a hypocrite! Matthew Parris on why, sometimes, hypocrisy can be a virtue.
  • Man on a mission: Professor Richard Gilbertson talks about childhood brain cancer.
  • In meetings: They go on too long. They often achieve little. But sometimes, meetings can change the world.

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Missing by Schadenfreude

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27 January 2017
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10 February 2017

Winner: David Groombridge (King’s 1984) Runners-up: Michael Barker (Caius 1966), Glynn Gardner (Jesus 1971)

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