CAM 78

CAM 78


Join us as we discover why Cambridge is the new centre of the universe, how an audience can shape musical performance and just what is hidden in the University Library’s tower…

Highlights include:

  • The new centre of the universe. Forget London. Bangalore, Beijing, San Francisco are nowhere. Meet Cambridge – officially the new centre of the universe.
  • Sun. Sand. Softcovers. Our star panel share their favourite reads to slip into your suitcase this summer.
  • Let the music play on. Professor John Rink discusses the spaces and connections between composer, musician and listener.
  • Forbidden Fruit. To mark the University Library’s 600th anniversary, CAM breaks the final taboo and ventures up into the tower.
  • My room, your room. Sir Peter Bazalgette (1973) returns to Fitzwilliam to talk staircase politics and the merits of green tea.

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Jumbles by Schadenfreude

Entries to be received by: 
2 September 2016
Solutions and winners posted here: 
16 September 2016

Winner: Trevor Speak (St Catharine's 1968). Runners-up: John Reardon (St John's 1969) and Tony Marshall (St Catharine's 1961).

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