CAM 72

CAM 72


Reinvigorating the art of the spirited essay, CAM - the Cambridge Alumni Magazine carries intelligent, stimulating and informative features and a fiendishly difficult prize crossword*.

This issue's highlights include:

  • Exam nightmares: CAM investigates the dreams that can linger long after Tripos
  • My Room Your Room: Sarah Dunant (Newnham 1969) revisits the room she last saw over 40 years ago
  • We had a ball: William Ham Bevan uncovers the highs and lows of organising a May Ball
  • How the bicycle got its spokes: How did we get from the Penny Farthing to Kevlar tyres? Lucy Jolin investigates

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*Crossword erratum

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Emerging writer by Schadenfreude

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Entries to be received by: 
5 September 2014
Solutions and winners posted here: 
19 September 2014

Winner: Frances Williams (Newnham 1970)
Runners up: Bill Longley (Jesus 1956) and Philip Clough (Trinity Hall 1966)

Special mention: Martin Hazelton, who submitted an entry in memory of his late father John Hazelton (St Catharine’s 1953), a man who liked crosswords and loved Cambridge. He died the day before CAM 72 arrived.

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