CAM 71

CAM 71


Reinvigorating the art of the spirited essay, CAM carries intelligent, stimulating and informative features and a fiendishly difficult prize crossword.

This issue's highlights include:

  • How will we live in an increasingly wet world? Lucy Jolin investigates
  • My Room Your Room: Mishal Husain (Murray Edwards, New Hall 1992) recalls her journey to Cambridge via Russia and Pakistan
  • Me2: Kathleen Richardson examines how digital technology and virtual existence present challenges to the human spirit
  • Reading light: Ensuring bookworms have sufficient light to read by has obsessed the creators of libraries since the 16th century says Dr James Campbell

Brand new in this issue:

Our online letters section provides additional space to publish your letters to the editor, and our online crossword allows you to complete the puzzle and email your solution all in one place.  We welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy these new additions to CAM online.

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Crowd by Schadenfreude

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Winner: Maurice Puttick (Sidney Sussex 1961)

Runners up: Robert Eastwood (Trinity 1967) and Sara Rae (Girton 1975)

Special mention: Jenny Keene, mother of Nicola Keene (Pembroke 1992)

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