Alumni Advisory Board meeting – January 2015

Alumni Advisory Board meeting – January 2015

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The engagement of alumni with Collegiate Cambridge was one of the main themes discussed at the Alumni Advisory Board meeting held in London on Wednesday 28 January 2015.

The Vice-Chancellor welcomed Jane Cotton (Girton 1976) and Stephen England-Hall (Queens' 2006) as new members to the Board. Attendees were thanked for their contributions and insights at the 2014 Away Day and informed that the format would be repeated annually at each July meeting.

Three affiliated Working Groups now report into the Alumni Advisory Board; the Networks Working Group, Communications Working Group, and the newly-formed Volunteers Working Group.

The Groups shared some of their recent activities and plans, including: a focus on Welcome to Cambridge events, the upcoming Alumni Groups Leadership Conference and the second Collegiate Cambridge Communications Forum. The inaugural Volunteers Working Group meeting, chaired by Jane Cotton, recently took place.

John Pritchard reported that the Steering Committee formed in July and acts as a conduit between the Alumni Advisory Board, Development and Alumni Relations and the broader alumni body. Meetings to date had focused on enhanced communication and the structure of the Board.

Alison Traub, Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations, facilitated discussions on the meaning of engagement, and what successful alumni engagement means for Cambridge.

The next meeting of the Alumni Advisory Board takes place in Cambridge on Friday 24 July 2015.