Terms of reference

Terms of reference

As part of its increased investment in alumni relations, the University has established an Alumni Advisory Board, chaired by the Vice-Chancellor. The Alumni Networks and Volunteers Working Group offers guidance to Cambridge Development and Alumni Relations (DAR) specifically on alumni networks and volunteers. The Chair of the Working Group reports to the Board. Its remit is to:

  • Advise DAR's Networks and Volunteers team on providing appropriate support and services to the worldwide network of volunteer-led Alumni Groups. 
  • Support DAR in its aim to recruit younger alumni to the Alumni Group network. 
  • Assist with the planning of the annual Leadership Conference for Alumni Group contacts. 
  • Help identify, cultivate and, where appropriate, establish Alumni Groups.
  • Provide a voice for the volunteer-led Alumni Groups.
  • Further consolidate the good working relations between the Colleges and the University.

Role of Working Group Chair

The Chair is expected to:

  • Serve as Chair of the Working Group for two years with the possibility to extend his/ her term for a subsequent two years. 
  • Chair all Working Group meetings to ensure that the Working Group achieves its roles and responsibilities as set out above.
  • Oversee specific initiatives taken on by the Working Group. 
  • Assist the Alumni Relations team to enlist like minded colleagues to join the Working Group.
  • Approve papers for each meeting as prepared by members of the Working Group. 
  • Be a member of the Alumni Advisory Board and report to the Board on the activity of the Working Group. 
  • Attend occasional meetings of the Alumni Networks and Volunteers Working Group Nominations Committee. 

Role of Working Group Members

All members are expected to:

  • Share DAR's mission to expand and engage a diverse alumni network throughout the world.
  • Serve on the Working Group for a minimum two years and maximum of four consecutive years.
  • Attend Working Group meetings twice a year. To be held in either London or Cambridge subject to the preference of the majority of Working Group members. Presence at meetings includes participation by teleconference.
  • Attend the annual Leadership Conference for Alumni Group Contacts. 
  • Help identify, cultivate and, where appropriate, establish Alumni Groups.
  • Co-opt other alumni as required for specific initiatives. 
  • Annually review the Terms of Reference of the Working Group.

Membership and Recruitment

  • The Chair of the Networks and Volunteers Group is elected by the Alumni Advisory Board. 
  • The Working Group has between six and ten permanent members including the Chair.
  • The Nominations Committee for the Working Group is the Chair, the Head of The Head of Alumni Relations and the Alumni Relations Manager, Networks and Volunteers. The Nominations Committee can approve co-opted members by email and annually reviews new space on the Working Group.
  • Membership is open to all members of the Alumni Advisory Board. Additional people, who are not members of the Alumni Advisory Board can also be invited.

DAR Support

  • Regular updates and appropriate information will be circulated to the Working Group. 
  • All Working Group Meetings will be attended by the Alumni relations Manager, Networks and Volunteers. 
  • Meeting will be minuted by the Alumni Relations Assistant, Networks and Volunteers.
  • Other University Officers will be invited to attend meetings as appropriate.
  • Advice on additional people to co-opt onto the Working Group.