Information for new organisers

Information for new organisers

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Chester Freshers' Event

    Freshers' Events

    Thank you for your interest in hosting a Freshers' Event, which we hope will be an enjoyable and beneficial experience for your Group. Incoming students attending these events are incredibly grateful for the warm welcome, information and support they receive from Group members as they begin their transition to Cambridge.

    Organisers are supported every step of the way by the University’s Alumni Engagement team. Please get in touch if we can be of assistance.

    We politely ask organisers to respond promptly to our enquiries, observe the Freshers' Event guidelines and submit your attendee registration form to us within two weeks of your event. Thank you.

    How to get started

    1. Read the overview of Freshers' Events, which includes highlights from last year's events
    2. Note the key dates, such as the deadlines for registering your event
    3. Observe the guidelines for Freshers' Events to ensure your event can be registered
    4. Find out how to organise a Freshers' Event
    5. Make use of the resources for organisers, such as branded event supplies and templates
    6. Register your event. The date of registration will determine how widely your event is promoted and whether you are eligible for our help to recruit current student volunteers
    7. Find out how your event will be promoted to incoming students and how you can promote your event
    8. Check the guidance for completing and submitting your attendee registration form, which is a requirement for all organisers