The Cambridge Society, Bombay

The Cambridge Society, Bombay

Tanil Kilachand (Queens' College 1956)
Primary Group Contact
Saleem Ahmadullah (Trinity College 1959)

Additional contacts

Ribu Polachirackal Tharakan - Christ's 2003


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The Cambridge Society, Bombay is an Alumni Group composed of ex-students of the University of Cambridge who live/lived in Mumbai.

The society was founded in 1948.

The Society is managed by the President, Mr Tanil Kilachand (Queens' 1956) and the General Committee:

  • Dr Yasmeen M. Lukmani (Visiting Scholar)  Vice President
  • Mr Jai A Munim (Downing 1988) General Secretary
  • Dr Manjiri N Kamat (Newnham 1997)  Joint Secretary
  • Mr Saleem A. Ahmadullah (Trinity 1962) 
  • Mr Jehangir M. Chagla (Gonville & Caius 1958) 
  • Mr Sudhir C. Deshpande (Fitzwilliam 1970) 
  • Dr Jeannie J. Madan (Churchill 1996) 
  • M. Attreyee Roy Chowdhury (Lucy Cavendish 1995) 
  • Ribu Polachirackal Tharakan (Christ's 2003) 

The Group also run the Cambridge Society Bombay Scholarship Fund :

  • This Fund assists financially students undergoing undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Cambridge and the grant meets a portion of their expenses.
  • The Fund was established in 1952 by the alumni resident in the States of Gujarat and Maharashtra, India.

Mr T R Kilachand
Dr. Y K Hamied
Dr (Ms) J J Madan
Dr (Ms) Y M Lukmani
Dr A Seal
Mr Z Ahmadullah
Mr J A Munim

For enquiries about the Scholarship Fund contact the President


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