The Cambridge Society, Bombay

The Cambridge Society, Bombay

Tanil Kilachand (Queens' 1956)
General Committee Member
(Ms.) Yasmeen M. Lukmani (Visiting Fellow)

Additional contacts

Ribu Polachirackal Tharakan - Christ's 2003

Ms. Shruta P Nayak – Lucy Cavendish 2004

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phone+91 22 2282 0048 / 2282 1620

The Cambridge Society, Bombay is an alumni group composed of ex-students of the University of Cambridge who live/lived in Mumbai. The society was founded in 1948.

The Society is managed by the President and the General Committee.

The Cambridge Society Bombay Scholarship Fund

This Fund assists financially students undergoing undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Cambridge and the grant meets a portion of their expenses.  The Fund was established in 1952 by the alumni resident in the States of Gujarat and Maharashtra, India.

Mr T R Kilachand
Mr S C Deshpande
Dr. Y K Hamied
Dr (Ms) J J Madan
Dr (Ms) Y M Lukmani
Dr A Seal
Mr Z Ahmadullah


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