Oxford and Cambridge Society of Austria

Oxford and Cambridge Society of Austria

Michael Milkowits (Sidney Sussex College 1999)
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The Oxford and Cambridge Society of Austria was formed in 2005 when the existing Cambridge Society, founded in 1994, enlarged its focus and a united alumni organisation for both Oxford and Cambridge was created. 

The Society reaches out to about 300 Oxbridge Alumni in Austria. Roughly half of whom are Austrians who studied in either Oxford or Cambridge; the rest are mainly British and Commonwealth citizens who temporarily or permanently live in Austria. All ages (20 to 80+) and occupations are represented.

The Society upholds close links to other Alumni societies in Austria: LSE, LBS, Ivy-League, St. Andrews, Stanford, Georgetown etc.

Events throughout the year:

- Theatre Evening

- Christmas Dinner

- Joint Heurigen with other Austrian Alumni societies

- Boat Race event

- “Austrian University Challenge” (British style pub-quiz with other UK alumni groups)

Forthcoming events


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