Sheffield - Visit to Brookfield Manor

Sheffield - Visit to Brookfield Manor

This event is in the past.

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Hosted by the Cambridge Society of Sheffield
Friday, 18 October 2019 - 11.30am BST
Open to: 
Alumni and guests

Alumni and guests are invited to join the Cambridge Society of Sheffield and their VIP for lunch at Brookfield Manor, to raise funds for the charity RedR.  Which it specialises in the engineering field, providing training and technical help to charities working in disaster areas.  The name of the VIP will be revealed at the beginning of September (it cannot be announced sooner, due to security restrictions). 

Please note that the date and nature of the event have been changed from the original date and format which I may have mentioned to some people.

I have in mind two options for those interested: 

  • (a)          Reception in the Drawing Room at Brookfield Manor from 11.30am for 12noon till 1pm – a maximum of 40 places are available 
  • (b)          Reception 11.30am for 12noon followed by Lunch at 1pm with the VIP – a maximum of 10 places are available

The VIP will attend the Reception and say a few words about RedR and will then join us for a small lunch in the Dining Room at Brookfield Manor.

Booking information

As this is a charitable occasion I am asking for bids for places from anyone interested. Would those interested please let me know how many places they would like at the Reception or at the Reception plus Lunch and what charitable donation they have in mind, using the RSVP link below.


Brookfield Manor
Hope Valley
S32 1BR
United Kingdom