Issigeac - May Lunch at Ancienne Gare

Issigeac - May Lunch at Ancienne Gare

This event is in the past.

  • Banking vaults

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Hosted by the Dordogne Cambridge Group
Saturday, 5 May 2018
Open to: 
Alumni and guests

Alumni and guests are invited to join the Dordogne Cambridge Group for their 2018 May lunch at Ancienne Gare. 

The speaker topic is one that the Society has had in mind for some time: bankers. Traditionally they are the only group to attract more unfavourable publicity than lawyers (what a relief!), and in the last ten years they have encountered a really extraordinary degree of opprobrium from public and press. But surely they cannot all be villains? And there must be some reason for their worldwide ubiquity…so what do bankers actually do, and what do they add to our society?

The brave speaker prepared to tackle these issues is our own Michael Adda, whose decades of banking experience make him ideally equipped to explain this much-maligned but indispensable profession. Those of you who know Michael will realise that we can expect not only a sound and informative presentation, but also a provocative and entertaining  one that will give us a lot to think about afterwards.

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