Dordogne - Visit to Lascaux

Dordogne - Visit to Lascaux

This event is in the past.

  • Photo of cave in Lascaux

Photo of Lascaux via Wikimedia Commons.

Hosted by the Dordogne Cambridge Group
Wednesday, 18 October 2017 - 11.00am CEST
Open to: 
Alumni and guests

Alumni and guests are invited to join the Dordogne Cambridge Group for a visit to Lascaux on Wednesday 18 October.

The tour starts out with some orientation and a film, then goes into the 'cave', which is a work of art in itself, being a perfect copy of the real cave which has been closed to the public since 1964. Just like the real cave, the temperature in this one is a steady 14 C so even if it's a warm day, bring a sweater with you. You may think you won't want it, but you will!

There is an informal restaurant/coffee shop at the Centre itself. The Group will be there from 10.30am and anyone else who would like to join for a coffee before the tour is most welcome. It will be an easy gathering place.

Most people take about an hour for the tour, so likely to be ready for lunch when we emerge sometime after 12pm. It is proposed to have lunch at the same on-site restaurant. This is undoubtedly the most convenient option. The food is pretty ordinary, but quite acceptable, and the big outside terrace is lovely if the weather is nice; and as this is already a reasonably expensive outing, in terms of what the group normally goes for, something more modest for lunch may be in order.

Booking information

If you would like to attend this event, please book online using the link below. Please select the English language tour at 11.06am. Booking 

Click on Choissez Votre Billet at the top of the screen and follow the steps. The tour you want is the one for The International Centre of Cave Art, or Lascaux IV (NOT Lascaux II). Tickets for October will be available on line from 1 September, and if we are quick about it and book promptly we should all be able to get on this tour, but these tours sell out quickly, so if you want to come, book your ticket on line in the first few days of September.

If you could also email Kathy Love, to let her know you are attending 

Book online


Grottes de Lascaux

Location information

The new Lascaux IV is about 2 km southwest of the village of Montignac, which is itself about 40 minutes' drive up the Vézère from Les Eyzies. Here is a google map showing the location. By far the best way to get there is to head for Montignac and then follow signs for Lascaux. If you are coming from the south, will drive through the lovely village of Lascaux and cross the river, then by led out of town to the new centre. It is well signed. Once there, the first and closest car park will be on your right. Hopefully in October you will be able to get in there, but if necessary a second car park is a bit further away; the turning for it is a little further and to the right.


There are two vast carparks at the site, but when making your plans, bear in mind that this is an enormous site and the carparks are between five and ten minutes' walk from the door of the building. You need to allow time to walk, to make sure you actually get to the Lascaux Centre in time (see above!).