Cluescape: Solomon Schechter and the Chamber of Secrets

Cluescape: Solomon Schechter and the Chamber of Secrets

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  • Wooden door with an old bolt and padlock
  • The University Library entrance
    The University Library entrance

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Discover the great secret that Dr Schechter kept hidden...
Friday, 22 September 2017 - 4.00pm to 4.50pm BST
Open to: 
Alumni and guests
One team


Dr Solomon Schechter sits with his head in his hands. His travels in Egypt and the procurement of the precious Genizah in the past few months has been both exciting and exhausting. His quest to uncover the secrets of the Genizah has left him weary. And the good doctor has found that he now carries with him his own secrets...


The Genizah collection has occupied a place of honour among the literary treasures of the University of Cambridge for more than a century. Scholars are still uncovering important historical insights and meaning.

You and your colleagues are a team of conservators working on the preservation and exploration of this priceless collection. One day, whilst at work, you suddenly discover a secret vault and room adjacent to the original depository…

During this 50 minute escape game you will come to realise that there is more to the collection than first thought. You are about to discover the great secret that Dr Schechter kept hidden within his precious haul. Yet it's a race against time - your academic rivals are dangerously close to also uncovering Dr Schechter‘s great mystery.

Dr Schechter has given you a head start, can you solve the puzzles and crack the clues he set over one hundred years ago to unearth the secrets of the Chamber?

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Each team can have three to eight (inclusive) players. One booking (£30.00) is for a whole team. Only one team plays per timeslot.



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