About past students

About past students

Information about past students, for example how to verify if an ancestor attended the University of Cambridge.

Who is an alumnus/alumna of the University?

An alumnus/alumna of the University is someone who has both matriculated within the University and studied within the University on an approved course.

How do I check whether someone has a Cambridge degree?

The University’s Student Registry verifies full time Cambridge degrees for official purposes such as employment. Requests for verification should be made in writing, giving as detailed information as possible for the individual and qualification(s) concerned and the reason for your enquiry, such as background check for employment.

Further information is available on the Student Registry’s webpage.

How do I advertise a job to Cambridge graduates?

Recruitment opportunities for students and graduates of the University are handled by the Careers Service, which is available to alumni throughout their lives.

Contact information and full list of the services available to recruiters can be found on the Careers Service website.

If you are an alumnus/na of the University, you may post your vacancy directly in our official Cambridge alumni LinkedIn group.

How do I trace an ancestor who may have been to Cambridge?

For enquiries before 1900 (including women) there is now an online database of Cambridge alumni, which is searchable in a number of ways.

For dates between 1900 and approximately 1940, please contact the University archivist. You may find the attached guide, kindly compiled by the archivist, helpful in locating the information you seek.

An alumnus/alumna I know has died, whom do I need to tell?

Please email us with the individual's details and we will update our records and notify the relevant College.

Please note that due to space restrictions we are not able to print obituaries in CAM. However Colleges' publications may do so - please enquire with the relevant College's development and alumni relations office directly.