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The Endellion String Quartet is renowned as one of the finest quartets in the world and the University is proud to have them as our Quartet in Residence. They were founded in January 1979 and three of the original players, Andrew Watkinson (Violin), Garfield Jackson (Viola), David Waterman (Cello), continue to be members. Ralph de Souza (Violin) joined them thirty-one years ago. In 2013, Gramophone stated 'There's always a feeling when listening to the Endellion Quartet that you're listening to the Urtext method of quartet playing. Maybe 35 years of playing together has brought to them as a group uniformity of thought and instinct that allows them to play as a single entity.'

For more information about the quartet, visit their website.

2018 Concerts at West Road Concert Hall

Wednesday, 14 February
Haydn - String Quartet Op.20 No.3 ('Sun')
Mozart - String Quartet K.589
Beethoven - String Quartet Op.132

Haydn’s Op 20 set of quartets presented him as one of the greatest composers. Mozart’s K.589 is one of the ‘King of Prussia’ group with the cello coming to the fore as a melodic instrument: the King played the cello and must have been no slouch on the instrument! Beethoven’s A minor late quartet transcends all description and passes from dark introspection and questioning to unbridled joy. 

Wednesday, 7 March
Mozart – String Quartet K.387 (‘Spring’)
Beethoven – String Quartet Op.135
Brahms – String Sextet No.1 in B flat major

Student Guest Violinist – Victor Sun
Student Guest Cellist – Laura Van Der Heijden

For this concert, the Endellions have invited two extraordinarily talented Cambridge students –Victor Sun and Laura Van Der Heijden - to join them for the ravishing String Sextet (two violins, two violas, two cellos) by Brahms.  This Sextet was used as the soundtrack for Louis Malle’s film Les Amants; and the second movement is featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode ‘Sarek’, in ‘The Day of the Dead’ an episode of Inspector Morse, and in the film The Piano Teacher.

This will be preceded by Mozart’s delightfully joyous first mature quartet. Beethoven’s final quartet Op.135 has an almost Haydn-esque feel to it and includes an unforgettable slow movement built from variations, a form that Beethoven raised to unparalleled heights in his final years.  

Wednesday, 16 May
Haydn - String Quartet Op.76 No.4 ('Sunrise')
Barber - String Quartet Op.11
Brahms - String Quartet No.1 Op.51 No.1

Barber’s expressive quartet includes the Adagio, one of the 20th century’s most loved pieces. Here in its original quartet form it has the intimacy and the extreme stretching of sonority that was part of its force in its original conception. Haydn’s ‘Sunrise’ is as sun-blessed as its nickname suggests. Brahms’s intense C minor masterpiece is the first quartet he allowed to be published after destroying dozens with which he was dissatisfied.

All concerts will begin at 7.30pm and end at approximately 9.30pm

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Tickets: £27, £25 (65+), £13 (Registered Disabled) and £6 (Students, Under 16s).

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